Opening night

Good opening yesterday at the Fringe.  Before the show we were a bit concerned because fringe crowds were light and no one was buying tickets yet.  Some of the other plays had audiences of less than a dozen, one said their's had an audience of only 3!  Our pre-sales weren't much better, but apparently the Fringe takes a little while to get rolling, and most people buy their tickets just before the performance.  We were relieved to end up with an opening show audience of 42, and even more relieved when the audience started laughing (this is good, since it's a comedy).

More good news: Sunday's advance ticket sales are already looking much better.  I'm not sure how much of that is from promoting (handing out Hershey's Kisses when we tell people about our play) or how much is from word of mouth.  Probably a mix of the two.

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